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Welcome to the home of Alabama FairTax®!  Here, you will find information on local, statewide and national efforts to repeal the federal income tax law and replace it with a flat rate consumption tax collected once at retail on all new products and services.  The proposal for this consumption tax is a coordinated bill in the U.S. House and Senate, entitled "The Fair Tax Act of 2015", HR 25 and S 155, respectively.  Please make use of all the resources available on this site to educate yourselves about this proposal in the Congress.

Your support is needed to help fund the materials used to educate all of Alabama about the FairTax®.  All of the money collected goes to promote the FairTax® in Alabama.  There is no paid staff.  All of our volunteers are just that, volunteers.  We volunteer because we firmly believe that the FairTax® is the fairest form of revenue collection that has the additional benefit of stimulating the economy and putting Americans back to work.  

The organization has an urgent need to replace its supply of brochures.  They are currently being printed on a home computer.  Also, a study is in the initial stage of determining the feasibility of replacing current state revenues with a state consumption tax.  Several Alabama State legislators have expressed an interest in replacing the state income and sales taxes with a tax system similar to the FairTax®.  Contact your senator and representative with a message that he/she should support and promote a state consumption tax modeled on the FairTax®.

Of great importance is the continuation of the national Americans For Fair Taxtion® Grassroots led organization.  As the rallying cry for changing the tax code grows, (AFFT) must provide the needed resources and leadership to ensure that the FairTax® stays in the forefront of Congress, and in the hearts and minds of the American people.  

Once the FairTax becomes law, our work will be done. Until that glorious time when April 15 becomes just another spring day, your monthly 1040 membership helps ensure that the FairTax® campaign will be on-the-ready to stand FairTax® strong! - See more at:



There is much to accomplish and hopefully you will help us educate everyone about the FairTax® and put our country and our state back to work.

Again, welcome to Alabama FairTax®.

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